The search of self

To reach our destination
We must first find ourselves.



Perfecting the art of knowledge,
…and of understanding

Of awareness.


Our destination is to seemingly find the truest form of ourselves,
…to discover that which lies within us;


In order to become what we might be.



Sourcing Strength

Exploring the source of strength in weakness and becoming a source of strength to others in their own hours of darkness.

​Strength is the beginning of something far greater than we ourselves could ever attain merely on our own. It is far greater than the limitless boundaries of our universe.  Where it is sourced from is by far the greatest mystery of our humanistic plight.. So often when we are in the mode of  self discovery  we are encouraged to look within, yet when we look outward as much as we do so; the answers are prominent.

When strength arises it wells from deep within, coerced by those who nurture our abilities into becoming something far greater.

One of the greatest attributes we can hold is the strength that lies within us even in our darkest hour.  But By far the greatest gift we offer is to hold that bearing for others and gently assist in creating a set of wings when the footing is lost.

Strength and hope can arise even in the darkest of circumstance. Though  when weakened by adverse situations we must remember some of our greatest encouragers are those who have walked the dark paths before us gently guiding the way… Just as we are to hold the torch for others in their own darkness.

These binary forces are found in our closest relationships and I believe it is within them that we find the space to triumph over whatever shit life throws our way.

To fall down it is far greater to have one to assist us back on our feet than it is to simply just get back up again.

Be the one to encourage and uplift, but also be the one to remember to hold out your own hand out to be lifted up when you need it.

Never underestimate the power of the strength you have within yourself and how it is best utilised when strengthening others.

Never be afraid to seek strength through the resourcefulness of others.  There is a biblical proverb ‘As iron sharpens iron… So one person sharpens another’. We are coexistent to enable, not to simply wither in  our own demise.  Be strong and allow the power in your strength to guide you, and when you are weak rest in the strength others hold before you.  Life was never meant to be walked alone.

To meddle with Love

via Daily Prompt: Meddle

How do we meddle in love and the fine line in which to choose it’s warmth and beauty in all of it’s glory;  as opposed to maintaining the self percieved notion of grace and simply walk away knowing the risk was too great?

To truly love someone you risk losing a part of your soul.

To breathe their very essence, be a part of their existence… to open your heart in reciprocated beauty at the risk of allowing it to bleed and lose a peice of itself in the process is indeed a gamble few choose to take.

The pain created through loss cries out from the depth of our inmost being and there is nothing that quells it in all it’s rawness.

To love is the greatest meaning we can bring to our lives.  Yet, when we know loss there is an echo that continues to linger, knowing that we may too experience the breaking burden of heartbreak.

Whether through seperation, rejection or death.. there is always the risk of becoming aquainted with that pain when we choose to meddle with love.

To choose love despite it, knowing the power bequested us when we openly give our hearts is bravery at it’s best.

The worst we can do in our heartache, in our grief, in the pain that comes with loss, is to become complacent in emotional void.

Yes, the searing tear of our bruised hearts is somewhat unbearable.
But love indeed is so rare to find that we must remember that to have experienced the resonating joy and warmth of love, despite the pain and suffering of loss; we have truelly experienced what many seek their whole lives to find without ever realising it.

Behind every broken heart is the realisation that love was possible.
Yes, to love is a risk…
But to have never meddled with love is a tragedy.



Photo Challenge: Picture courtesy of ‘Cetrobo’

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie photo challenge #168

Though I tried to steady my feet upon the rocks of your familiar comfort,
The winds that swept before me beckoned me to succumb to their title.
…And I stood unscathed upon higher ground,
Waiting for your moment of rescue
Withstanding that you too were bound by your own nuances.

Below me brought no easing comfort,
to find my footing in the rhythm that ebbed and flowed against me
Whispering that I could stay
Or succumb to the darkness before me.

 As though i had filled this cold void with my own burdened tears
Condemning my heart for the necessity of yours
And all that was left to overcome, to rise…  was me.
Without you I could have been my own demise
…And yet still unsure if I’d have slipped and fallen despite you.

Overcoming insecurity and heartbreak


How could you allow me to drown in your consuming fire without allowing me to have hold of your hand?
Igniting my soul as it rested itself in the false security of your arms yet knowing it was drifting further from your heart?
…Simply because I believed.

The more it pulled me in, the further you pushed away.
Weaving in and out of the tangle of lies, false trust and security.

Yet there it was, laid bare before you when I concluded that it was just my own dreams i had enraptured in your own, and the only way to find my way out was through the realisation I was to seek my own answers without the presence of yours.

How difficult that the greatest feat would be to realise you could never save me?
That the strength I had to draw from would have to be found despite you.

And that the flame that awakened my soul was the same that would burn my heart in desire and leave nothing but a cinder to nurture the brokeness that became of it.

Yet, perhaps to be the fertile ground needed to learn, to move forward, to reignite the same passion within itself in order to gently grow again.


A timely reminder

As some are aware it’s reconciliation week in Aus.

During our time at school we never learned of things such as the Myall Creek Massacre where 11 of our first Australians were slaughtered; and only briefly grasped the concept of the stolen generation in which children were harrowingly taken from their families due to their skin colour, indifferent beliefs, idealogies as well as their diverse culture.

Sometimes we forget that up until the 60’s these men and women were inhumanely considered as Fauna (animals) in our legislation and had no exercised voting rights.

Absolutely despicable.

We have come along way since then in bridging the gap, however it is a timely reminder in which we are to celebrate the diversity that made our nation, a culture that respects our land and it’s people as we all should.

This year I met an amazing woman on the streets of Melbourne during the moomba festivities who took the time to tell me about her roots, her appreciation for her ancestry and the spirit to which she was connected.

Her humility, kindness and appreciation for life despite the pain from intergenerational loss and reprimand, was just remarkably humbling and inspiring.

This week is a timely reminder to remember and not forget the origin of the land we inherited through other’s loss and expense… and to celebrate the diversity that makes our country so beautiful and unique..

Especially of those in whom allowed us to share their soil to begin with.

Photo:  Wall2Wall Street Art, Benalla, Victoria


When to let go.

1491735004407-160374497The worst contemplation we face is knowing when to hold on and when to let go.

We cling to familiarity, to common ground, to everything we know, believing it will fulfill us…  Even when ultimately in the longer term, without realising it just may be destroying us.

We run to assist, we seek to hold, we long to grasp even when the uncertainty of the outcome is miraged by our own agenda of hope for a better way.

How do we let go when every part of our heart roots itself deep into the core of what we so desperately seek and ‘need’ because we hope in change but yet cannot make the decision to create it for ourselves?

Is it just simply because we want? Need? Holding on to false hopes and expectations? Or are we simply just scared of letting go to embrace the unfathomable unknown?

Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems to be the hardest barrier to overcome.  When we are so vested in the notion that whatever it is that we hold onto will answer all our problems and learning that matter of factly it actually may not.

Whatever does not serve us, we must consciously decide that perhaps it does indeed need to be severed from our life.

The pain of letting go is by far one of the difficultest things we must face.  It does not always come naturally but we ultimately are the only ones who can choose and therefore allow ourselves the space to determine the answers… in order to embrace the possibilities that ignite our strength, our passion, our purpose when we dare to choose.

There is indeed power in our choices and to understand our circumstances enough to make the decisions that serve us to live our greatest potential takes time and strength.

Wherever you draw it from, you alone have the power to decide.  Enrapture your life in the complacency of living in hope for whatever may or may not be; even when it’s detrimental and no longer spurs us towards a greater path  …Or choosing to surrender to what may come?

Sometimes it takes a bit of a look inward to determine our path, as well as to stand to let go, and it just may open the doorway that serves the life you didn’t expect…Yet through it, it can be better than you had ever hoped for because you indeed chose it.

Don’t let fear of the unfamiliar hold you back from your choices.

Let go, and come what may.

An awakening.

A reflection on the path of self discovery and awakening the inner capacity to surrender to the journey.

At what point did I awake, to pursue the poignant beauty this world had to offer instead of sitting in a crumpled heap waiting for someone to awaken me from the mess?

At what point did I embrace independency and force my hand pledgingly towards the stars to shake my own dreams from existence into reality?

When did my heart realise it could soar farther than the cage I had allowed to embrace it, imprisoned for so many years?

When did I realise I may not be in control of everything but I could allow the moments to win me over with either a lesson or a grateful appreciation for the complexity of the Human emotion?


When the believers believed, the doers achieved, and I was responsible for the winding path of adventure before me.

That the view of the sunrise from the hill was all the more sweeter the harder I walked; and that the path before me was ignited by the torches carried by those who walked before me ..and beside me, gently beckoning me to lift.

The essence of it all to be savoured and enjoyed.  Succumbing to the uniqueness of our own destiny, the diversity of our own path.

Knowing that we alone, through it all had indeed created it; and were to charge it and embrace it, there at the crossroads.

It was then.