Sourcing Strength

Exploring the source of strength in weakness and becoming a source of strength to others in their own hours of darkness.

​Strength is the beginning of something far greater than we ourselves could ever attain merely on our own. It is far greater than the limitless boundaries of our universe.  Where it is sourced from is by far the greatest mystery of our humanistic plight.. So often when we are in the mode of  self discovery  we are encouraged to look within, yet when we look outward as much as we do so; the answers are prominent.

When strength arises it wells from deep within, coerced by those who nurture our abilities into becoming something far greater.

One of the greatest attributes we can hold is the strength that lies within us even in our darkest hour.  But By far the greatest gift we offer is to hold that bearing for others and gently assist in creating a set of wings when the footing is lost.

Strength and hope can arise even in the darkest of circumstance. Though  when weakened by adverse situations we must remember some of our greatest encouragers are those who have walked the dark paths before us gently guiding the way… Just as we are to hold the torch for others in their own darkness.

These binary forces are found in our closest relationships and I believe it is within them that we find the space to triumph over whatever shit life throws our way.

To fall down it is far greater to have one to assist us back on our feet than it is to simply just get back up again.

Be the one to encourage and uplift, but also be the one to remember to hold out your own hand out to be lifted up when you need it.

Never underestimate the power of the strength you have within yourself and how it is best utilised when strengthening others.

Never be afraid to seek strength through the resourcefulness of others.  There is a biblical proverb ‘As iron sharpens iron… So one person sharpens another’. We are coexistent to enable, not to simply wither in  our own demise.  Be strong and allow the power in your strength to guide you, and when you are weak rest in the strength others hold before you.  Life was never meant to be walked alone.

2 thoughts on “Sourcing Strength

  1. Oh I love this post! Especially, “Be the one to encourage and uplift, but also be the one to remember to hold out your own hand out to be lifted up when you need it.”

    I have a post to write about this and will backlink to your post when I do!!! Thank you!!

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