To meddle with Love

via Daily Prompt: Meddle

How do we meddle in love and the fine line in which to choose it’s warmth and beauty in all of it’s glory;  as opposed to maintaining the self percieved notion of grace and simply walk away knowing the risk was too great?

To truly love someone you risk losing a part of your soul.

To breathe their very essence, be a part of their existence… to open your heart in reciprocated beauty at the risk of allowing it to bleed and lose a peice of itself in the process is indeed a gamble few choose to take.

The pain created through loss cries out from the depth of our inmost being and there is nothing that quells it in all it’s rawness.

To love is the greatest meaning we can bring to our lives.  Yet, when we know loss there is an echo that continues to linger, knowing that we may too experience the breaking burden of heartbreak.

Whether through seperation, rejection or death.. there is always the risk of becoming aquainted with that pain when we choose to meddle with love.

To choose love despite it, knowing the power bequested us when we openly give our hearts is bravery at it’s best.

The worst we can do in our heartache, in our grief, in the pain that comes with loss, is to become complacent in emotional void.

Yes, the searing tear of our bruised hearts is somewhat unbearable.
But love indeed is so rare to find that we must remember that to have experienced the resonating joy and warmth of love, despite the pain and suffering of loss; we have truelly experienced what many seek their whole lives to find without ever realising it.

Behind every broken heart is the realisation that love was possible.
Yes, to love is a risk…
But to have never meddled with love is a tragedy.


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