Photo Challenge: Picture courtesy of ‘Cetrobo’

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie photo challenge #168

Though I tried to steady my feet upon the rocks of your familiar comfort,
The winds that swept before me beckoned me to succumb to their title.
…And I stood unscathed upon higher ground,
Waiting for your moment of rescue
Withstanding that you too were bound by your own nuances.

Below me brought no easing comfort,
to find my footing in the rhythm that ebbed and flowed against me
Whispering that I could stay
Or succumb to the darkness before me.

 As though i had filled this cold void with my own burdened tears
Condemning my heart for the necessity of yours
And all that was left to overcome, to rise…  was me.
Without you I could have been my own demise
…And yet still unsure if I’d have slipped and fallen despite you.

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