A timely reminder

As some are aware it’s reconciliation week in Aus.

During our time at school we never learned of things such as the Myall Creek Massacre where 11 of our first Australians were slaughtered; and only briefly grasped the concept of the stolen generation in which children were harrowingly taken from their families due to their skin colour, indifferent beliefs, idealogies as well as their diverse culture.

Sometimes we forget that up until the 60’s these men and women were inhumanely considered as Fauna (animals) in our legislation and had no exercised voting rights.

Absolutely despicable.

We have come along way since then in bridging the gap, however it is a timely reminder in which we are to celebrate the diversity that made our nation, a culture that respects our land and it’s people as we all should.

This year I met an amazing woman on the streets of Melbourne during the moomba festivities who took the time to tell me about her roots, her appreciation for her ancestry and the spirit to which she was connected.

Her humility, kindness and appreciation for life despite the pain from intergenerational loss and reprimand, was just remarkably humbling and inspiring.

This week is a timely reminder to remember and not forget the origin of the land we inherited through other’s loss and expense… and to celebrate the diversity that makes our country so beautiful and unique..

Especially of those in whom allowed us to share their soil to begin with.



Photo:  Wall2Wall Street Art, Benalla, Victoria


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