When to let go.

1491735004407-160374497The worst contemplation we face is knowing when to hold on and when to let go.

We cling to familiarity, to common ground, to everything we know, believing it will fulfill us…  Even when ultimately in the longer term, without realising it just may be destroying us.

We run to assist, we seek to hold, we long to grasp even when the uncertainty of the outcome is miraged by our own agenda of hope for a better way.

How do we let go when every part of our heart roots itself deep into the core of what we so desperately seek and ‘need’ because we hope in change but yet cannot make the decision to create it for ourselves?

Is it just simply because we want? Need? Holding on to false hopes and expectations? Or are we simply just scared of letting go to embrace the unfathomable unknown?

Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems to be the hardest barrier to overcome.  When we are so vested in the notion that whatever it is that we hold onto will answer all our problems and learning that matter of factly it actually may not.

Whatever does not serve us, we must consciously decide that perhaps it does indeed need to be severed from our life.

The pain of letting go is by far one of the difficultest things we must face.  It does not always come naturally but we ultimately are the only ones who can choose and therefore allow ourselves the space to determine the answers… in order to embrace the possibilities that ignite our strength, our passion, our purpose when we dare to choose.

There is indeed power in our choices and to understand our circumstances enough to make the decisions that serve us to live our greatest potential takes time and strength.

Wherever you draw it from, you alone have the power to decide.  Enrapture your life in the complacency of living in hope for whatever may or may not be; even when it’s detrimental and no longer spurs us towards a greater path  …Or choosing to surrender to what may come?

Sometimes it takes a bit of a look inward to determine our path, as well as to stand to let go, and it just may open the doorway that serves the life you didn’t expect…Yet through it, it can be better than you had ever hoped for because you indeed chose it.

Don’t let fear of the unfamiliar hold you back from your choices.

Let go, and come what may.

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