An awakening.

A reflection on the path of self discovery and awakening the inner capacity to surrender to the journey.

At what point did I awake, to pursue the poignant beauty this world had to offer instead of sitting in a crumpled heap waiting for someone to awaken me from the mess?

At what point did I embrace independency and force my hand pledgingly towards the stars to shake my own dreams from existence into reality?

When did my heart realise it could soar farther than the cage I had allowed to embrace it, imprisoned for so many years?

When did I realise I may not be in control of everything but I could allow the moments to win me over with either a lesson or a grateful appreciation for the complexity of the Human emotion?


When the believers believed, the doers achieved, and I was responsible for the winding path of adventure before me.

That the view of the sunrise from the hill was all the more sweeter the harder I walked; and that the path before me was ignited by the torches carried by those who walked before me ..and beside me, gently beckoning me to lift.

The essence of it all to be savoured and enjoyed.  Succumbing to the uniqueness of our own destiny, the diversity of our own path.

Knowing that we alone, through it all had indeed created it; and were to charge it and embrace it, there at the crossroads.

It was then.

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