Love is a verb.



Lately I question the true meaning of love.

There is so much that has been lost in the English language through time and translation.

To me, love is an act, both a verb and an adjective… An action that goes beyond the transcription of time.

However to honour such an act, it has made me reflect that to give something we must have it held in our possession to begin with.

Is love an innate emotion, or is it learned through the sacrifice of self and the simple acceptance of grace?

Perhaps both.

In my life I have developed more of a reasoned conclusion of what love isn’t… more so than what it is.

When a human knows no more than rejection hurt and reprimand, love becomes a facade that unbeknownst to us is somehow to be forced into being when another becomes wholeheartedly dependant on us.

As a mother of two beautiful children to know that beyond words love is an art of giving.  A realisation that we will never comprehend the measure or development of…
Even when we feel that there is nothing in us to give.
That we as parents magically become superhuman in our emotions to suddenly bestow an abundance of grace allowing us to love even when we do not understand how to love in the first place.

Indeed it is a mystery.

The love I have for my two children transends words.  To love beyond measure is a beautiful piercing of the heart.. a virtue without limitation for our children to discover themselves.

In such an act of freewill how do we love wholeheartedly when our own heart is an empty, broken, tragic mess of loss?

If I cannot open the doors of loving myself, of accepting love in all its glory and strength am I truelly giving those around me the best I have to give?

Why do we as mother’s become so quick to accept that we are failures and live in constant self critisism of our most important role?

One cannot give from an empty cup.

Being mother’s day I thought it was timely to remind ourselves the greatest gift we can give our children is love, simply and conscientiously.

That to raise another human is a mighty job.   To remember that we bring our best, when we realise we are indeed the best.

….The ones who gave up boozy nights, sleep ins, dinner dates, work functions and the many other giving parts we sacrifice every day.. for the act of love.

Each of us, no matter our self opinion are amazing creatures to actually pro create and love beyond measure from even our weakest deprivation.

Take a moment to remember your worth as a mother and respect your own beautiful imperfections.. with the guidance of your unique role.
Believe in your own heart that you are super woman.  As to feat the very part of being a parent, you indeed are.

We are the shapers of the next generation and love is the greatest meaning we can bring to our own existance.

Find peace amongst the chaos of your journey and thank yourself for bringing love into the world….

…..and when you’re at your worst, remember that you are only human and the greatest gift you have is to make sure your heart is full enough to give the very best of it.

Happy Mother’s day.


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