When is it ok to give up?

I have lost a couple of friends now to suicide.

According to statistics it is the leading cause of preventable death in my age group, which has caused me to question why… and what could I say if I had the chance?

For darkness always ascertains light.
It is an indeniable law of nature.

It is when we are at our weakest we develop our greatest strengths.

When we are vulnerable it is easy to admit self defeat
To face limitations and submit to them absencing ourself from value or worth.

Society teaches us to conform or to adapt with the grain.

Yet, if we ourselves are facing undue obstacles, seemingly opposing our sense of place within the world…

Do we submit and give up knowing that we have already lost?
Or pursue, allowing ourselves to grow into something better?

When we stretch as painful as it is we are actually feeling the hurt of adaptation and growth.
Insight is a powerful thing.

….Why do I feel like this?
….What is my purpose?
As Tupac Shakur famously asked.. Is it the world against me… or am I against the world?

As for myself, George Washington pointed out when we conform we are as sheep led to the slaughter.
When is it ok to conform?
When is it ok to stand and say enough?

As with anything justifiable,
…When we are tested and tried to our very core.
When lives are lost for the sake of servitude of self defeat.
Or lack of hope in the bigger picture.


Then and only then may we have the right to say perhaps change is desirable?
Whether it be in ourselves or in our communities.

If we have tried tirelessly to stand for what is sound and right
When we are knocked back again and again do we give up?
Or do we continue our plight to grow into the greatest form of ourselves we can offer the world?






Never underestimate the value you have been placed with.

Never settle for being just an existance,

For ALL of nature has it’s purpose.

If something needs changing
…be motivated for change.

Perhaps it is you and the limitations that
bind your own heart?

Nothing is so greater a burden that we cannot learn or grow from it or share the load with another.

It is ok to be weak… but know that strength comes from recognising your own weakness.


…And, allow yourself space to find comfort in a new day of opportunity.

It is ok.

Just don’t give up.

Lifeline Australia:  13 11 14.

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