And so I waited
For this heavy box to unpack itself
It’s burden weighed like a heavy brick upon my broken soul
Years of memories
It’s weight the only thing i knew
To carry the burden of truth
Of injustice
That possibly
The key to it’s contents
Was just as heavy
Circling my own heart
Than it did any other…
And the weight of injustice
Debted me to it’s burden.

To break free
…And lift the chains
For someone else to do the same
With one word
That seemed impossible
To dare to hope beyond their sense of means…
One slight encouragement
As I had been granted.

That the highest mountain I now climbed
Was burdened only by the shoes
that my own two feet had now suddenly refused to wear?
For the footsteps that lead were masked
In a mixture of detriment and distilled hope..
The binds of moral grounding stripped bare for an unknown reason.
That perhaps the only enslavement I had felt
Was carried on my shoulders
And weighed more than the bearing  offered in hope…
Enslaved to a better dream for tomorrow.
And suddenly one small hurdle grieved me to continue
Questioning the intent when my footing was lost?

For our greatest inspirers dared to hold the weight on their own.
Yet seemingly forgot the steps that brought victory
When they too needed to share the same burden
Of the success
The failure
The comfort of kinship
When needed most.

All to easily forgotten
And was I the problem,
That prevented the reputable outcome?
When I lay your dreams above my own?
For naivety…
For honour
For sake of percieved injustice?
Was I wrong to see that
The barrier was only as big
As the eye that percieved it
The torch that bore it
Clinging to my own heart
I dared to hold for you
Because I dared to believe change was as desirable as the waters you had already crossed
For a reason far greater than mine?

Yet you had restitution as much as me
For a generation you would not know
For the dreamers of tomorrow….

…..I hope.

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