A purpose…



Shitty circumstances bring out the worst or the best in people.

Have learned this too well this year.

Sometimes I prefer hearing fiction than the pain behind the facts.

However it’s ignorance to just dismiss them for our own agenda.

Sometimes agreeing to disagree is all we are capable of.

Where does this fit into our moral sense of justice?

What is this world the human race has evolved to mandate in either a productive or negligent manner?

That we condescend another just for having a point of view.

Unaware it is our very own experiences that shape us.

‘The universe conspires to help the dreamer (Coehlo; 1988) …and I should dare to add, to assist the believer and to nurture the broken.

Have we forgotten our purpose is to evolve with harmony

Not hatred.

That we are all unique and all visible,  yet we are all concealled in our own views behind a painted mask.

How can me mock diversity when another’s shoes don’t fit for us to walk in?

How can we say brother yet forget our sister?  How can we say sister yet condemn a brother?

How can we express our ideas without expecting judgement…

Yet reel in the critism we face and in turn unknowingly critisice others?

The ‘biased’ value will always be considered.

Unlike sheep we have the ability to tune in, tune out, walk away or accept.

The world is only as you see it.

“Be the change you wish to see”  Ghandi.

Reference Paulo Coehlo, ‘The Alchemist’, 1988

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