According to an article published in ‘The Weekend Australian’ 29 April 2017; Tim Anderson a scholar at Sydney University claimed Australia ‘murdered’ 90 syrians by ‘mistake.’  Whilst fighting the war on terror.


No wonder we have such a high rate of PTSD in our defence force.  1 in 5 have a diagnosed mental illness.


Despite being the ‘lucky’ country, a developed nation; we have an alarming rate of suicide.

Suicide is the leading cause of death in young men, moreso than motor accidents.

When I was in the a younger age bracket it was commonly known that youth are more likely to engage in high risk taking behavior due to neurological development;  also, incidentally the same targeted age that we aim to recruit most of our defence personell.


So as not to go off track from the bigger issue..

Why is this morbidity statistic so high in Australia and other established countries?

Certainly it is known moreso now in recent times, we have been under threat from retaliation of our ‘enemy.’


I look at it this way.

As a Syrian (nationality not creed) You are a father.  You have no option to provide for your family other than kill or be killed.

You trust your wife’s intuition or desire for safety for your children from the terror that encompasses you on a day to day basis.

You are a mother and you trust your husband’s decisions.  You trust your plight for your children or future offspring.

You come to a country for safety, for refuge under international governance of the Human Rights Act and you are still discriminated against for your cultural diversitation.

Assumingly, you are a member of Isis because you crown your head in reverance for your life and your families and your belief of ‘peace’ which is the pro definition of Islam.

Your Assumed to have no feelings because you chose life for your family fleeing the terror of a leader you thought had principal but autocratically dictated your liberal rights according to their own.   Your heart is for your families future, yet you continuosly bear hurt pain and suffering and then..

You are rescued because someone believed in you.  Not your mask, not your hair colour, eye colour or your choice of outfit.  Yet the man who rescued you is a murderer?  The one who gave your children life saving medicinal drugs seemingly intended to just let them painfully die??


Someone believed in your plight for humanity.  For freedom from a war you did not choose for your right to asylum (safety).


Publishing articles claiming soldiers, particularly our own.. are Murderers and then expecting them to be labelled as heroes is a bold statement.

A hero protects.

A hero defends.

A hero has a heart.

A hero is perhaps the man who comes home knowing he is safe and loved and assumed he was doing the right thing because he was scared he may not come home at all.

A murderer?

Or a citizen?

A civilian or an activist?

A believer in hope or…… a callous killer?

A loved one that we just wanted to come home and continue to provide for his country the rest of the nation forgot.

More funding should be aimed at treating these men and women with psychological awareness and support not just monetary incentives to assist them to live the ‘great Aussie dream’ of retiring and taking the kids with them on holiday in their winnebagos.  Their children now resorting to drugs for feeling indifferent, their parents doing the same because they have no idea who their spouse is anymore, or that they themselves did uphold the rights of an international law.

More funding needs to be placed in supporting families.  Not just when they throw a dollar in the pokie machine at the RSL, but to raise awareness of a culture that tells men to ‘toughen up’ and to let them know it’s not vulnerability or weakness to ask for help because you ‘murdered’ someone.

We are lucky enough to be in a country advanced in such medical services.

Yet the statistics still say otherwise.

Not cool Australia, wake up.




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