In the moment.

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So I sit realising I have once again exhausted all options, and I realise that no, I cannot change circumstances but I can choose to change my reaction to these circumstances.

Someone once questioned me whether you are either born a leader or you are made a leader.

By birthright we can inherit kingdoms by circumstances we can inherit peace, serenity and acceptance.

And choose to walk with integrity no matter how steep the climb or how fearsome the decent.

Humility is knowing when to reach out and when to accept.

Though at times we walk a lonely road, There is joy to be found in the paths we choose.

Whilst we may look at the obstacles as hinderence others look at them as momentum to find higher ground.

Again in order to process which way forward, direction along with perspective is gained when we take a step back in order to refocus.

‘To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrounders’ Tzu

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