Recognition is the greatest motivator – Gerard C Eakedale.

I believe that the greatest motivation for success is recognising the broken issue;  and resolving it with the networks and mindsets of those motivated by the same factors of resolve.

So many complain of the brokeness of a society without a means of revolutionising the system in which they condemn.

The protectors of our society are either defenders who do so in sacrificial benefit for others.

Or purely for the sole benefit of themselves.

We are all unique and each one of us has a purpose in contributing to a greater mechanism and bigger picture,

Through the talents that have been vested and developed within us.

Like attracts like.

Surround yourselves with the mindsets of those you believe are contributing positively to the solution not part of the percieved problem.

I was listening to a podcast on national radio last night that broke my heart for what our younger generation see as a positive way to fix their community.

You are the direct result of the things you tell yourself despite your current circumstances,  and a society I believe is the greater sum contributed by those around you.

The way you contribute to your own self talk and your community  be it intentionally or otherwise has an impact on your future development and growth…. and ultimately those that your future depends on.

Believe that you are a valued contribution and see the inspiring difference you can make as an individual, and towards those around you.

Never lose sight of your dreams for the positive impact you can make in one persons life.

Negativity only brings darkness that quells the light you shine within yourself and beacons out for others no matter how dire your situation is.

As a mother of 2 one can only hope for the sake of theirs.

If you can do one thing to uplift one person around you today you are already a winner.


For me it is recognition of how to adapt to technology to use this website!





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