Light at the end of existing.


‘For a stranger you could tell the world, as a human the cost is heavy.’

For me I serve to remind that metaphorically speaking, death is not the end of existence.

Rather the start of being.

So I started this blog as a means to find my feet again after the breakdown of my relationship that was through ever which way interpreted a difficult close to a significant chapter in my life.

This year has started off on a very difficult note, seperated from my youngest child and my personal life exploited throughout my small community as though I were literally an open book for others to pass on contempt and judgement jeopardising my career that I forged so hard to make a difference to the lives of others with an ingrained sense of moral justice.

Significantly though whilst my world took a shaking up the greatest motivator for me to find my feet again would be to embrace opportunity and continue on a forward momentum of seeking a positive outcome for myself and two children.

I have always been mindful of the fact that anything posted on social media can be there to haunt us in years to come and so for my own reflection knowing I had already been exploited and judged by those i considered friends I would accept every friend request recieved on my instagram account in order to
1. Prove anonyminity in this day and age does not exist
2. That social media and internet platforms can be a useful tool for both networking and gaining insight into the fact that my life is comparatively nothing significant when held up against some of the most broken individuals and some of the most inspiring individuals who use their personal journeys to bring hope to others.
I have also incidentally realised that communication as discovered is never wholeheartedly intended in the means it is served in the written language.

Over time our dialects develop and my sarcasm is the greatest form of humour I adapt to, yet as one once said it is the wit of fools and I am offending many as much as I am being honest.

What is life without laughter?

What is brokeness without a glimpse of hope on the horizon of an otherwise empty heart?

Have my losses finally faultered my empathetic nature.

Or am I defensively spiting those who are as lost as I am most days?

Someone sent me a message of hope this year that said ‘if you fall I’ll get you there’  and definitively I would like to add that the truest definition of treason and hurt I could give them is the loss of everything for gain of none.

It’s a matter of interpretation.  Not one of us are the same as another, and whilst we may walk different paths and hurt through different circumstances or find humour in similar things; we all bleed the same and we all deserve respect and consideration despite it.

To have hope and embrace our own path that we have walked and always question why we walk it.. our morals our values our cultural core.. therein lies the answer.


Picture courtesy of instagram and 🙂

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