7 logics for peaceful living.

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Its so true.  I believe that seriousness can just push every single dark cell we can at times inhibit further inwards for either feeling helpless or offended or worried of offending others.

Best part about today was laughing with two strangers about life and the bullshit that comes with it.

Laughter is indeed the best medicine.  You know you are at rock bottom when you hear laughter and don’t realise its coming from your own self.

So my new challenge for tomorrow is to laugh at the most innapropriate sarcastic silly things like I used to and realise as long as noone is offended its ok.
Except for the rude person on an anonymous facebook page who insisted I sent him or her photos of myself naked and proceeded to squash my non existent self esteem into a hole.

After my proclamation of having a penis and dubbing he who shall not be named ‘little bitch’ I felt a little more empowered against his remarks.

Either way the backwards trolling seemingly worked…

Either that or I need a night out/  coffee with my friends desperately.

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