An Ode to Plath – from a perspective absent from mainstream media.

Somewhere lost in translation.

How do you show young men respect for women in a culture they learn English from movies and develop heroes from playing Xbox games and the only thing they can draw comparison with is that from a religious perspective?  How do you teach no or stop or enough? How do you teach democracy, rights, the very liberty our land stands on when you are struggling to bring it in light for yourself?



and when you drowned I saw you.

When you fell in the flames my heart was there.


Your path is now mine too

I walk following your steps

Please don’t tell me

It’s enough…….

When it is.

I had walked towards a bigger picture
Yet here before me all was Lost.

The fire is drowning in a karmatic sea of refute

I stand on the shore wanting to step in

Yet the depth of the water is misleading and I slip

Held down by the waves;

The comfort, as it ebbs and flows

Dragging me out to an unknown destination.

My hope in the water, trying to stay afloat

My legs beneath the sea are exhausted

And yet I long for land

Searching for grounding

In the sand I fall further away.

Though they could not tell to save me.

I do not know if i can swim or drown in the consuming fire.

How I wish you were here to save my longing soul.

Plunged into the unknown depths of wanting what could not be.

I heard you.

Now do you understand?

The stake that was jeopardised,
was pulled from my own heart.

Driven with a false sense that I could have been your saving grace but I was just me.
Searching for love and peace with a ready broken heart.

Did you let her fall?  You were the one who had hoped yet she fell in the drowning waters.

Her family in the fire and you said ‘khersr’

A grace to Hafiz.

When I came in peace.
Adapted from the poem ‘Khehsr’


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