John 3.16



“Anyone who encourages intellectual, emotional, artistic or spiritual growth is worth keeping.  Don’t let them go.” Anon.


Last night I was speaking to a man about the Quran.

In the midst of our wars there are so many who are killed massacred and martyred in the name of religious refute.


I find Theology interesting.  I have been reading about the history of Japan and it’s many Gods and the one sun God who is held above all in early teaching.. and the god who led his people through the desert and peirced a rock in which water came out.  A percieved miracle in which saved many in this time.


Similarly In the bible Jesus’ first miracle was to turn water to wine.  Yet at the cross was the very thing that was offered to him in his moment of shame, despair and anguish.

I read parts of the Quran last night and noted that just as the scholar of the teaching of Gods word had interpreted the testament, so too had the scholars of Islam.  There are so many interpretations of one account in religious  history and it made me realise that analytical perspective is the greatest gift to Theology.

However John 3.16 is interpreted… and however we view Christianity or Muslim Faith or that of the Jewish who currently are at war in the name of their own rights of humanity who hold their own original testament and I will say perspective of these scriptures today is a reminder to me of everything I have known in virtue (latin) and peace (islam).

Whether Jesus was the begotted son or infact Adam, to me it serves as a reminder to love one another, respect one another, forgive one another and to also allow yourself to be loved, accepted and forgiven.

And always hope for peace in a broken, damaged and hurt world.

I am interested to know the perspectives of others who hold diverse beliefs as we are all unique and what this scripture or life means to them in their current lives.

I know I am putting myself out for a lot of backlash here.  But in a democratic society I appreciate that right.


Ezekiel 18.20

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