… finding hope and purpose beyond the darkness



My daughter was named after two songs in which she was born to.  ‘Here comes the Sun’ and ‘Blackbird’

These songs remind me of the hope in her eyes when I challenge myself as a mother, as a mentor, as a daughter and as a person and the fragile walk I take each day of appreciation and rejection.

The last thread I read challenged my own journey.  How do we, singularly impact the world around us and those who need it the most?

In Australia I am constantly reminded how blessed I am to have food, a source of external communication and a roof over my head whilst millions perish as the result of their forefathers mistakes.

we really are part of a greater design.  After losing so many people at a young age I believed I was cursed.. yet I begin to believe on my own part that the death of someone serves one of two purposes…

To accept to let go and acknowledge the impact that person has had in our lives.. and to regain sense of the bigger picture of why we still exist.

What is our greater purpose in impacting those that are still struggling everyday with hurt, pain and suffering.

To know there is still some role we may have is the greatest gift we can possibly accept in our pain.

Someone once told me humility is not believing we are lower than anyone.

…..But also knowing that we are not greater than anyone.

Humility and Acceptance of self and others in all our diversity.

The hardest line to balance.


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