Daily Prompt: Blindly

via Daily Prompt: Blindly


This is a peice I wrote based on the story of Samson and Delilah in the Christian Bible.  Often we read about the moral of Samson losing his strength for love yet I have attempted to write about Delilahs own blindness in wanting the devoted mateship of a man that deserved better.



The hidden heart of Delilah.


Though the sands of time bought no comfort,

Your eyes brought a mirror of wanting in which I longed to escape

Escape the mediocrity of the world

The complacent.

I yearned to hide in their comfort

A million wings of assurance

That could not fly to capture my own

And I lay drowning then

For your own misleading comfort to rescue,

Not mine to slip and fall.

A million wings to catch me

Caught up in the darkness of broken dreams

Like moth to a flame

Wishing for the day light to bide

On a dream I wish to capture

Falling into the shadow,

Yearning for a hidden fulfilment;

Stolen with the mornings rise.


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