1490787884031728120809You showed me so much, to see beyond that which lay ahead.  That there was meaning and significance in the smallest of things and a bigger picture that remains now, unknown.

…possibility in the seemingly impossible.  Opportunity through persistance.. and albeit, patience… that each one of us has the potential to be greater, and I believe it was always there, yet you unveiled my eyes to see it.

I am grateful.

When I had lost my footing you helped me find my feet, and guided me upon my own invisible wings, reassuring me that the ground to which i returned was stable and secure because I had built it in the confidence I gained from within.

Despite the uncertainty, the unknown path and limitations that could close in at anytime.  I am grateful that your path crossed mine. *


Adlib: As I look at this again amongst the chaos and regaining my sense of self though seperation of almost every sense of routine and normalacy my daughter demands in her sleep ‘do not take toto!’ and I am once again grounded that no height or depth or even cyclonic aftermath thrown at those I care for can not seperate me from what matters most.

Love prevails above all.

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