The End… The Beginning.

This too is my passion, yet never an ideal. A hobby perhaps. I am new to this and my greatest fear I am yet to overcome is criticism and failure. Please send me details of your new blog as I have seemingly found a similar path. Lost and unsure yet hoping in the unknown. Thank you. Renee

Serenity Now!

When I took a break from this space a year and a half ago – back when I thought I’d never actually be back to write here – I started a new blog, under my real name. I linked it to my Bacefook account and everything, and I had every intention of writing there.

But wow, it was hard to write there, knowing it was linked to social media. For a long time now, I’ve felt stopped up, wanting to write, wanting to say things, wanting to create words, but the worry, What will everyone THINK? has stopped me. Who really cared what *I* had to say? And for that matter, what DID I have to say? What topics were safe?  With all the anxiety around it, the space kind of turned into running blog, which, when I was overtrained and burned out with running this spring, I couldn’t update…

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