Death of a Dream –

“The death of a dream can infact serve as a vehicle that endows it with new form.” –
“with re-invigorated substance, a fresh flow of ideas and splendidly revitalised colour. In short, the power of a certain dream is such that death need not indicated finality at all, but rather signify a metaphysical and metaphorical leap forward.”

As a child, I had a dream that I was being chased by a tiger.
No matter how fast I ran the tiger would not gain, yet the fear would.
This dream haunted me for years to come.
As the years passed by the dream left me and was no longer of thought.
And yet, as I grew, again it visited in dream, the fierce tiger gaining. Closer and closer yet I did not fear.
I ran knowing that he was powerful, yet I did not feel frightened.
And, today I dreamed, once again so vividly –
But I was the tiger, contently so
and when I awoke I had found my crown and there beside me was you.
A* Rl. 2017

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