For M.

What is the meaning of War, what is the progress of dissolution in a Country that we ourselves do not fully comprehend the freedom our father’s fought for Democracy?

What is the true definition of the Otawa Charter of Human Rights and the UN convention when we continue to look back; yet refuse to question ourselves in order to move forward?

For our brothers, our sisters and our own children we discredit value for our own selfish desires?
Whilst we are at war with ourselves, whilst we continue to blame others without first blaming ourselves there is no hope. And yet we blame ourselves as those who put honour first fall in front of us?
Whilst we squabble over what Rothschild did for the Jews what Esa’s blood line is, what Trump and Beyonce had for breakfast our very own hearts question the core of why Hitler was killed. Does anyone else see what is wrong with this?
Whilst we persecute those who take a stand in senate, we blindly are deluded that we have to trust those we elected into power because we as a democratic nation were given the very right to vote despite our diversity of race, religion/creed, sexuality, ethnicity, despite our very own wrongdoings and yet we continue to dispute the role of government? We continue to exploit trust for the sake of approval or just pure callousness.

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